Cremorlab New Moon Kit (Rejuvenation)

New Moon Kit


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Set consists of:
T.E.N. Cremor Shadow-off Eye Cream (15 ml)
O2 Couture Hydra Bounce Ampoule (30 ml)

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T.E.N Cremor Patent

T.E.N Fine Particles
Fine Particles
Active ingredients are delivered to the skin effectively through its fine particles without clogging pores.
T.E.N Rare Minerals
Rare Minerals
T.E.N. Mineral Water comprises such as Germanium and Vanadium, which are rare minerals not commonly found in other hot springs around the world.

T.E.N Ample Minerals
Ample Minerals
It consists of ample minerals that help moisturize the skin and regain firmness.
T.E.N The Perfect Balance of Calcium and Magnesium
The Perfect Balance of Calcium and Magnesium
Contains key active ingredients, Calcium and Magnesium, in a golden ratio that enhances skin’s absorption.

Hydrating care solution allowing oxygen to provide hydration deep inside the skin.
Creates ‘Oxygen Spa Skin’, leaving skin looking rejuvenated as if after an aesthetic spa treatment.


‘Oxygen care’ + ‘Designer collection, high-end custom-fitted clothing for the skin’

Oxygenic hydration ritual for revitalized and moisturized skin

What is O2 Couture Hydration Care Solution?

Creating upgraded hydration care through oxygenic boosting with Marine Oxygen Plasma™ and ultra-rich mineral penetration with T.E.N.™ Thermal Spring Water

Oxygenic Boosting with Marine Oxygen Plasma™

Providing oxygen and skin detoxifying effect resulting in clear and revitalized skin

Penetration with T.E.N.™ Mineral Water

Mineral-rich T.E.N.™ Thermal Spring Water delivers deep penetrative, intense hydration into the skin

Skin Revitalizing


Keeps skin looking clear and revitalized as it delivers oxygen to skin


    1. What does this kit consist of?

This kit consists of T.E.N. Cremor Shadow-off Eye Cream (15 ml) and O2 Couture Hydra Bounce Ampoule (30 ml).

    1. What type of problems can this kit help with?

This kit can help to address dark-eye circles, eye bags, and also provide re-hydration to your skin using Deep Ocean Marine Plant-based extracts.

    1. What skin type is best recommended for this kit?

This kit is suitable for all skin types, especially those with dehydrated skin and dark eye circles.


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