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Skincare Information

1. Are your products tested on animals?

Cremorlab does not conduct or commission animal testing of raw active ingredients or finished products during any phase of our product development. We do not test any of our products on animals nor does any third party test out the products on our behalf. All Cremorlab products are dermatologically tried and tested on their suitability for skin functionality by dermatologists.

2. Are your products suitable for pregnant women?

It is strongly recommended for our customers to discuss safe skincare options by seeking out professional medical advice on the specific types of skincare active ingredients to be avoided during pregnancy.
Cremorlab products are clinically proven to be safe for topical application during pregnancy. Avoiding long hours of exposure under the sun or using physical UV sunscreens during pregnancy is also highly recommended as the hormones released during this period greatly increases the skin’s tendency to product melanin excessively, leading to pigmentation.

3. How do I know if I have sensitive skin?

Skincare is subjective to individual users as most of us have completely unique DNA structures resulting in different reaction to skincare products. Skin hypersensitivity is largely defined by the general characteristics of easily flushed, red skin accompanied by a higher tendency to be irritated by harsh chemicals such as Alpha-Hydroxy Acids and Retinol-A easily, resulting in itching or swelling.
It is also important to identify the difference between skin type (Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination) and sensitive or damaged skin to accurately find the most suitable skincare product for your skin. People with sensitive skin will find their skin easily flushed and red under prolonged exposure to external stress factors such as high humidity, sun damage, polluted air, or even traces of harsh chemicals in one’s everyday body and personal care products. People with damaged skin on the other hand, finds their skin ridden with pigmentation or loss of elasticity and in extreme cases in atopic dermatitis and eczema, dry and flaky. This is often cause by prolonged exposure under the sun without sufficient UV protection or due to the lack of care for the skin, resulting in its ability to produce collagen and ceramide to retain moisture and strengthen the skin’s basic physical structure.

4. How do I know what is my skin type?

One’s skin type is classified by several factors.
Dry skin types are generally accompanied by fine lines and a feeling of tightness in almost all areas of the face when using the wrong type of cleansers or when cleansing with water overly high temperatures.

Oily skin types on the other hand are accompanied by excessive production of sebum and facial oils resulting in excessive oil shine, and in severe cases (usually oily comedogenic skin types) easily clogged pores and acne problems in almost all areas of the face. It is important to note the difference between oily skin types and oily comedogenic skin types (acne-prone, clogged pores) where oily skin types may only be a problem caused by the lack of, or insufficiency in moisture and hydration to the skin while the latter is a problem caused by the imbalance of the skin’s natural pH and cleanliness.

Combination skin types are classified by the characteristics of both dry and oily skin problems being exhibited. In most cases, combination skin types experience an excessive production of facial oils limited to only the face’s T-Zone, made up of the forehead, nose, lip area, and chin while at the same time dryness and saggy skin in the face’s U-Zone, made up of the cheeks and jaw line. It is recommended for combination skin types to use products that are light-weight enough to not cause occurrences of clogged pores in the T-Zone, while hydrating enough to replenish moisture to the U-Zone. It is highly recommended for combination-dry skin types with a higher tendency of tautness in the cheeks to use hydrating facial cleansers as compared to deep cleansing facial cleansers designed to strip excess oil and sebum so that the cheeks are not overwhelmed with dehydration.

Normal skin types lastly, are mainly customers with skin that does not produce acne problems or excessive facial oils and enjoy the luxury of clear skin with almost insignificant pore appearances. However, it is important to understand that our skin changes once every ten years and enters a different phase as we age.

An effective method to narrow down the stage at which determines our skin type is by age as follows:
< 15 years of age – Normal Skin
> 15 years of age to < 25 years of age – Oily Skin/ Combination-Oily Skin
> 25 years of age to < 35 years of age – Combination/ Combination-Dry Skin
> 35 years of age to < 45 years of age – Combination-Dry Skin/ Dry Skin
>45 years of age – Dry Skin/ Aging Skin

4. How do I layer my skincare products across all the different brands that I use?

When layering products, firstly keep to the basics of all skincare regime in the following steps:
Cleanser > Face Mist > Toner > Essence > Ampule > Serum > Lotion > Moisturizer > Cream > Sunscreen > Base Foundation > Face Mist
Make-up Remover > Cleanser > Face Mist > Toner > Essence > Ampule > Serum > Lotion > Moisturizer > Cream

When layering products of the same category, such as two different ampules, simply bear in mind to start with the item with the lightest texture and followed by the subsequent item of a heavier texture. For users with an extensive skincare regime, it is important to allow each product to be fully absorbed before the application of the next. To aid the skin in the process of absorption, it Is recommended to exfoliate regularly and apply mild pressure to the skin by pressing gently with an inward to outward motion after evenly spreading the product over the whole face.
To understand better on the use of Cremorlab products and the recommended skincare steps, you may check out our ‘Skincare Steps’ at:

5. I am interested in Cremorlab products, but I am concerned with the effects it may have on my skin, may I try out the products before purchasing?

At Cremorlab, we strongly believe that products should be tried and tested for its suitability to each user’s skin so that they can experience how the products work for them prior to purchase. It is however, important to take note that the samples received are subjected to availability and limited to one-time redemption per customer only. Any customers who wish to take advantage of the system will have their residential address blacklisted, which may implicate other members of the household’s opportunity to try out the products.

Cremorlab will provide samples sufficient for 3 – 5 days of use to allow the skin to get used to and desensitise from certain active ingredients which may result in a slight but short-termed breakout if the skin has never been exposed to those ingredients before.

It will be good to know that new moisturisers and products with Salicylic Acids tend to cause slight but short-termed acne breakout while the skin tries to get used to the products’ ingredients.

6. Are your products suitable for Muslims?

Our products do not contain any traces of pork lard, or ingredients extracted from pigs. However, this does not mean that the products are Halal-certified. We are however, currently working to gain Halal-certification for our products.

7. I will like to understand more about UV protection. What does SPF and PA protect?

The sun produces three different types of UV rays, mainly UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Exposure to UVC rays increases the risk of cancerous activity in our bodies, however, these rays are weak and do not penetrate beyond the clouds and are hence unlikely to harm us in any way.

UVB rays are the main UV rays that causes our skin to burn and darken under exposure to the sun. They are unable to penetrate glass panels and windows and can be easily protected with an Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 35 and above. The Sun Protection Factor is also an indicator of how long you can stay protected under direct sun exposure. SPF 42 protects the user for up to 420 minutes while SPF 50 protects the user for up to 500 minutes.

UVA rays are the UV rays that causes our skin’s structure to breakdown and speed up in ageing process when exposed to the sun. While these type of UV rays are capable of penetrating through glass panels and windows, they can be protected by the Protection Grade of UVA (PA) factor in sun screen. The PA factor is also another indicator of the number of hours you can stay protected against UVA rays. PA + provides 2 – 4 hours of protection, while PA +++ provides protection for more than eight hours.

8. I am interested in your Eau Thermale Cushions, how do I know which color tone is suitable for me?

Sample requests for the Eau Thermale Cushions are available, simply drop by the product page for either Eau Thermale Serum Cushion or Eau Thermale Cushion O2 Lasting to request for not one, but both types of cushion samples!

9. I am interested in your promotional sets, am I able to change any of the items within the set?

We regret to inform you that the products listed within the promotional sets have varying prices and we are unable to change any items of the existing set for you.

10. Are your products suitable for all skin types?

Yes. All Cremorlab products have been specifically designed and formulated to suit differing skin types from Oily, Combination, Normal, to Dry. The difference among the products are dependent on the effect you will like to achieve as well as the skin concerns you wish to address, such as whitening, anti-ageing, hydration, etc.

11. What is so special about the T.E.N. Mineral Water?

T.E.N. Mineral Water is a uniquely sourced water with its patent rights tagged to Cremorlab’s parent company, SM Life Science Co., Ltd, in Seoul. It is powered by rich and rare minerals accumulated over 260 million years in Geumjin, Gangwan-do. It contains 300 times the mineral content as compared to other mineral water sources.

12. What is so special about the O2 Couture Line?

The O2 Couture Line are products designed and formulated with the strengths of the deep sea in mind. Adding on the rich mineral source of T.E.N. Mineral Water, deep sea marine plant-based extracts and Oxygen have been added into the O2 Couture Line products to power the products’ efficacy of hydration and revitalization of the user’s skin.

Ordering Information

1. What are your modes of payment?

Paypal only.

2. I do not have a Paypal account, are there other methods of payment for purchase?

We regret to inform that we currently only use Paypal for mode of payment. We are however, exploring other methods of payment but there is no guarantee that there will be the inclusion of new payment methods any time soon.
For cash payments, kindly drop by our retail stores to purchase the products directly.

3. What are your delivery methods for my purchases?

Courier only.

4. Do you ship overseas?

Yes, however overseas shipping charges apply and will be borne by the customer. Email us at to enquire about the shipping charges that applies for your location.

5. How long does it take for my orders to arrive?

Your order will take approximately 3 – 5 working days to reach you. We seek your kindest understanding that the orders will take minimally one working day to be packaged and processed before it can be picked up by the courier company on the next working day. Should you face difficulties in receiving your parcels, you may drop us an email through with your order number and invoice number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
It will also be good to note that during periods of high sales volume, such as mass clearance sales, orders will take minimally an additional three working days to be packaged and process before delivery commences.

6. I bought a product from your site recently and unfortunately broke out with acne, am I able to request for a refund?

We regret to inform that all products with the seals tempered with or broken are not eligible for refund. However, should the product not be significantly used in amount despite having the seal broken, an exchange for a different product is still allowed. Kindly be informed that the exchange is only applicable for once only.
It is also important to understand that all new products that time to sit in with the skin or react with your existing skincare products from other brands. Do take note to allow the skin to desensitise over a period of at least one week and see if the problem subsides before deeming that the product is not suitable for you.

7. If no one was home to receive my parcel, will you bear my shipping fees for the following shipment?

The current courier service ensures a minimal three-time delivery to your residential address. Should you have indicated the correct address in your order, the courier will take extra effort to ensure the parcel reaches you safely. Should the courier fail delivery to the indicated shipping address, the parcel will be returned to Cosmeceutical Inc. Pte Ltd.
You will then be contacted of the failure of delivery and be given the option to self-collect the parcel or make additional payment for the second round of delivery to the stated shipping address. Cosmeceutical Inc. Pte Ltd will not be liable for erroneously indicated shipping addresses or failed delivery due to no-show for pick-up.

8. I bought a product from your site and the product packaging was damaged in the process, am I able to request for an exchange?

Exchanges for product purchases are subjected to a case-by-case basis. Should the product bottle be damaged due to mishandling during parcel delivery such as cracked bottle, broken glass/ mirror, or damaged dispenser pumps, the products are eligible for one-for-one exchange. Products with the product packaging outer box damaged during delivery are unfortunately not eligible for exchange at all.

9. I ordered the wrong item by accident. How do I go about changing my orders?

For erroneously order items, kindly submit your issues within an hour to from the point which payment has been made. Should the parcel be already processed and picked-up for delivery at the point which the issue has been raised, you will have to send us back the item via registered mail or drop-by our office for one-for-one exchange.

10. How are your products stored? Am I expected to store it in the same method?

All Cremorlab products are to be stored away from exposure to direct sunlight, in a cool and dry environment away from extreme high and low temperatures. It is fine to keep the products refrigerated but not frozen. We also seek your kindest understanding that while we try to keep our production as environmentally as possible, products in packaging of differing colors may be received due to overtime oxidation of the coloring in the product packaging. This however, does not affect the efficacy or impair the functionality of the products in any way.

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